Ghost Cat

Real estate’s hot in once peaceful Coffee Creek, Texas—hotter than lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer has ever seen. An unscrupulous developer is muscling in, abusing undocumented workers and menacing his neighbors. Ignoring threats, Alice challenges him in court. When one of her clients is shot dead, and another nearly suffocated in a wine vat, Alice has a target on her back. A devious mastermind is intent on stopping her — permanently. Is she snakebit? She’ll need more than legal skills to foil a scheme that threatens her town, her clients, her life.


Ghost Dagger

Lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer visits the Scottish coast at her mother-in-law’s request to investigate some disturbing occurrences at the family farm, a place Alice’s deceased husband loved. Barely arrived, Alice overhears an argument in the mist. After local land manager Angus McBride shows up dead, Alice suspects murder. She’s sure of it after a second grisly death shocks the town. Who wanted Angus dead — the town flirt? The reckless son of prominent landowners? Or Alice’s own sister-in-law, Robbie? Alice’s Texas love interest Ben Kinsear supplies archeological insight, while Alice enlists aid from a surprising cast of characters. Can Alice unearth the ancient secrets at Gran’s farm and get to the bottom of Angus’s death before she herself becomes the third victim?

  • Ghost Letter
  • The third installment in the Alice MacDonald Greer novels treats readers to another thrilling chase through Texas Hill Country as Alice seeks to establish her client, nonagenarian Alejandro Navarro, as son and heir to the late Alex Drinkman--a World War I pilot and scion of a wealthy oil family. But the high stakes effort to recover Alex's land, with its fabled spring, swiftly makes Alice and Alejandro targets of the Drinkman family’s considerable power—plunging Alice into a world of antique rifles, spy technology, and corrupt politics—all while juggling her friendships with local characters like Red, who runs a horse rescue operation, and navigating an increasingly smoldering relationship with Ben Kinsear. As bodies begin piling up, Alice finds herself unearthing links between the past and the present...even as she fights to save her own life and Alejandro's.

Ghost Dog

The second installment in the Alice MacDonald Greer Mystery series finds the intrepid sleuth caught up in the intriguing world of Texas folk music when one popular artist is found dead in a swimming pool and another goes missing.

The body of folk icon Annie Temple is discovered just before a concert at the chic recording studio and retreat of Twin Springs, and police suspect a young singer-songwriter, Tessa McElroy, of the murder. It seems that Annie recorded a commercial using Tessa’s signature song without her permission. But Alice has concerns about the business practices of the recording studio—and owner Ray Gimble’s strange obsession with killing an engaging stray dog.

Alice is also hired to help a local rancher deal with the abandoned belongings of Blanton Geddes, the fabled bad-boy singer known for sporadically disappearing—except this time, he’s left behind not only his truck, but an unpublished novel and recordings of his new song cycle.

Set against the rustic beauty of the Texas Hill Country, Ghost Dog features lively dialogue, quirky characters, and heartfelt music as the small-town lawyer unravels an old mystery to solve a new one.

Ghost Dog is now available on Audible!

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Ghost Cave

After Alice abandons big-city law for small-town practice in Coffee Creek, she expects the quirky characters of Texas Hill Country—but not danger. Then brusque, elderly Ollie West hires her to protect prehistoric rock art on his ranch—paintings Alice finds unexpectedly powerful, with their links to the spirit world. When Ollie turns up dead, Alice fights to honor his wishes, finding herself at odds with his family, and grappling with unexplained deaths in Ollie’s orbit. Everyone wants a piece of Ollie’s estate, and somebody is willing to kill for it. Set where passion for land and its secret springs runs strong, Ghost Cave is the first of the Alice MacDonald Greer Mystery series.

Ghost Cave is now available on Audible! And—yikes—it’s my voice! I’m eager to hear what you think about hearing Alice’s adventures too.

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Ghost Next Door

During nighttime fireworks at Coffee Creek’s first official barbecue cook-off, deep in Texas Hill Country, lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer trips over the murdered body of a sharp-tongued food writer. The hotly competitive grill-masters all possess sharp knives and stout alibis. With local law enforcement baffled, the mystery darkens when a malevolent stalker pursues Alice and her engaging but secretive client using arson, assault and highway terror. Alice finds herself needing far more than her legal skills to survive. An Alice MacDonald Greer legal thriller, full of smoke, music, mayhem and suspense.