March 2017

Ghost Dagger is out!

Available on Amazon now, on Kindle by March 26, and at BookPeople in Austin by March 30!

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Lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer visits the Scottish coast, at her mother-in-law’s request, to investigate some disturbing occurrences at the family farm, a place Alice’s deceased husband loved.

Barely arrived, Alice overhears an argument in the mist. After local land manager Angus McBride shows up dead, Alice suspects murder. She’s sure of it after a second grisly death shocks the town. Who wanted Angus dead—the town flirt? The reckless son of prominent landowners? Or Alice’s own sister-in-law, Robbie?

Alice’s Texas love interest Ben Kinsear supplies archeological insight, while Alice enlists aid from a surprising cast of characters. Can Alice unearth the ancient secrets at Gran’s farm and get to the bottom of Angus’s death before she herself becomes the third victim?

An “outstanding mystery series” — Midwest Book Review

A “lively and laudable protagonist” — Kirkus Review

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